Born in England. Diverse at Heart .

Insaen is about embracing your individuality and freedom of expression. It stands for fearlessly following your passion in life and the will to create a positive influence along the way.

We are family run, passionate about what we do, and keep perfecting how we do it i.e. creating really awesome leather jackets and bags.


Join us in conversation, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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The Insaen Analogy.


After working in the fashion business, although impressed by its magnitude and beauty, we couldn't ignore the negative effects of over production and over consumption.


With Insaen, we want to create a new culture in fashion and lifestyle. We love the art of designing extraordinary jackets and bags.


Every jacket is hand-crafted after a private consultation with our customers to ensure it's made to fit and look stunning. This encourages people to buy products they really want to keep and for us to make exceptional products that people would love.

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The Collection.


The lockdown massively influenced our first collection. It reflects a combination of emotions we've experienced in total isolation. From the heavy metal tunes that kept us sane during the dark days, to the feel good music we played on sunny barbeques; we've added an essence of our life in every single design.

We only create what we love and believe will be loved by others. So, if you're into really cool leather goods and support what we stand for, join the Insaen Culture!